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Mastercard® Credit Card



MasterMoney MastercardDebit Card

With a debit card from North Star Community Credit Union you will experience a whole new world of financial opportunities.  When you use your MasterMoney debit card funds are withdrawn directly from your share draft account. Use your card to make purchases at stores or online.  You can also withdraw cash from an ATM.  This card provides you with instant account access whenever and wherever you want it. 

You may buy up to your authorized limit worth of goods or services each clearing period.  Every debit card daily limit is different.  If you have any questions, please call Cherokee (712) 225-5731, Ida Grove (712) 364-3000, or Sheldon (712) 324-0190.

When using your MasterMoney debit card online, make sure you first enroll your card in MastercardSecureCode. MastercardSecureCode helps to keep your card number safe when using it for online purchases.

Click on the MastercardSecureCode logo to register your card or to learn more about MasterCodeSecureCode.    


ATM Card

With an ATM card from North Star Community Credit Union you can make unlimited transactions from any North Star Community Credit Union owned ATM or any Privileged Status ATM with no transaction fees. An ATM card provides you with 24-hour access to cash at thousands of machines worldwide that display the SHAZAM or CIRRUS logos.

Find a Privileged Status ATM.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Card

If your North Star Community Credit Union ATM or Debit Card has been lost or stolen, you will need to report it immediately. Please report to the following:

ATM - Please call the Credit Union office as soon as possible. Cherokee: (712) 225-5731, Ida Grove: (712) 364-300 or Sheldon: (712) 324-0190.

Debit Card - Please call (800) 234-5354



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